On January 26, the UK’s Prime Minister made the grim announcement that over 100,000 people had died as a result of Coronavirus. With the end still not in sight, the population is asking – why does the UK have the highest death toll? 

Much larger countries are seeing a decline in death and infection rates, or have overcome the deadly virus completely. So why is a country as small as the United Kingdom suffering so much? Unfortunately, there is no quick answer – but a public inquiry is now underway.


Calls for more answers

Although many of us see the obvious clues as to why the UK is suffering so much with the rate of infection, a public inquiry will be underway once the pandemic is over. So many people who have lost loved ones throughout the pandemic, are calling on the Government for more answers into what they could have done better to contain the virus.

When the World Health Organisation announced COVID-19 was a global pandemic, why did it take the UK Government almost a month to lockdown the country, when other parts of Europe had done the same much sooner? Not only this, but evidence has shown there was a rocky start to the test-and-trace system as well as a lack of protection and support offered to care home residents.

Also – why did it take almost a year to close the borders, preventing people moving between other countries and the UK? Australia, for example, has seen fewer deaths throughout the whole pandemic than the UK is recording every single day, on average.


Poor decisions to blame for the death toll

The Labour party have made it no secret of their thoughts on the way our Prime Minister has handled the situation. While nobody could be fully prepared for the extent of the virus, Labour have pointed out how Boris Johnson delayed acting on scientific advice over lockdowns three times. Was once not enough?

A scientist advising the Government, has warned the UK could face as many ad 50,000 more deaths from Coronavirus in the next few months.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is simple to see where improvements could have been made. While other countries remained on a total lockdown, the UK took measures including:

  • ‘Eat out to help out’ throughout the summer
  • Reopening schools in June
  • Reopening hair salons, leisure facilities and other close contact areas
  • Allowing households to mix at Christmas time
  • Delaying a third lockdown

However, we must recognise there were some factors outside the control of our Government. With many areas of the UK – London, for example – being large ‘hubs’, many people were able to mix. Many of our cities are densely populated, which has resulted in the virus being able to seed everywhere, quickly.


What happens now?

As we continue to roll out the number of vaccines, we can only hope this has a positive effect on slowing the rate of infections and deaths. However, people must remember to stick to lockdown restrictions – something which hasn’t taken place.

With additional testing and availability of PPE reducing the proportion of deaths – particularly in care homes – we can see the daily death toll slowly decreasing.


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