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VK 102 Air Purifier


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The VK 102 is the perfect air purifier plus steriliser for all large open plan spaces as it has an impressive 165 square meter range.

VK 102 for large indoor spaces.

The VK 102 has the same mechanical filters as the VK 002 but as it is covering a lot more space there is a more powerful scirocco fan and a sterilisation module that is approximately twice the size.  When larger spaces require air purification and sterilisation it is a lot more cost effective and environmentally friendly to operate bigger units as apposed to multiple smaller units and this is the reasoning behind this larger model.
Taking the same ‘technology expressed as style’ approach as the VK 002, the VK 102 is also very good in spaces where there is a lot of air flow and people traffic as the units ability to exchange air is very high. Places such as shops, waiting rooms, restaurants, busy offices and other environments where a lot of people are coming and going are key areas for the VK102 as it has the power to quickly process any pollution that enters the indoor air space.


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