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SEBO Vacuums built to last
The new SEBO AUTOMATIC XP offers easy and effective floor care automatically: A computer control system monitors performance and adjusts the brush height to the optimum floor setting, ensuring the best performance at all times – whether on smooth floor or high pile carpet. Featuring the latest generation of our anti-allergy
S-Class-Filtration, the AUTOMATIC XP is in the dust re-emission class of A*.


From the smooth floor to the high pile: The new SEBO AUTOMATIC XP is the intelligent all-rounder for any type of
floor. The brush is automatically set to the optimum floor setting. Low hand weight of the one-motor upright vacuum
cleaner assures easy vacuuming. In inaccessible corners the hose with telescopic tube is conveniently located and
ready for instant use. Maintenance of the machine is quick and easy – so you can continue with the vacuuming.

Automatically optimum performance setting
The sensor-controlled optimum performance setting measures permanent the resistor of the rotary brush. The brush sets on every flooring, whether carpet or hard floor. In the lowest performance a rubber lip behind the brush will seal up and brings even the finest dust to the suction flow.

Filtration Class A

The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP has a threestage filtration system consisting of the proven X- filter bag, the pre-motor Microfilter and the exhaust filter. Combined, these filters put the SEBO AUTOMATIC XP in the dust re-emission class of A*.

Flat design
The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP can even work when completely flat. With their
low-profile design, they make it easy to clean under furniture.

Tool-free change of the brush
Very quickly and without tools the brush can be removed to clean away
hair and fibre. Changing a worn out brush is that easy too.

Functional wand
With the wand with integrated extending hose you reach a range of 2.60 m. The integrated equipment (upholstery nozzle and crevice tool) can easily be fited on the wand or the hose.

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XP10, XP20, XP30

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