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The Vardar Total Release Fogger

It sanitizes and deodorizes, leaving a pleasant lemon scent. They are the smallest type of any fogger within the United Kingdom and have a high concentration which means they take up less room on the shelf and can still fog a room of up to 100sq ft. in size. With the Vardar Total Release Fogger, you can disinfect a room in just 15 minutes! The Vardar Total Release Fogger kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs in mere seconds, even killing some of the nastiest germs, like the norovirus! Whilst you won’t have any traces of Vardar around the room, you will be left with a completely de-odorized area, leaving your room with a subtle, fresh citrus scent.The Vardar Total Release Fogger is perfect for disinfecting many different areas, including: Nursing homes, Offices, waiting rooms, Toilet facilities, Nurseries, Classrooms, Changing rooms, Hotels etc. It is also safe for use on food preparation areas.


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