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VP300 BRUSH NOZZLE KIT, HOLDER TUBE, EXTENSION TUBE, VP300 CREVICE NOZZLE, BRUSH for GU 15, PEDAL with SHAFT and SPRING, FM400 PAD 17 BLUE 432mm, FM400 PAD 17 GREEN 432mm, FM400 PAD 17 RED 432mm, VP300 Steel Tube 32mm X 500mm X 2, GU355Duel Hoover Belt, Squeegee Kit Complete, 230 VOLT Valve Solenoid, Solution Tank ACC kit, Power Cable with Plug GU355, Drive Belt, VP300 Hepa Combi Nozzle, Telescopic Tube 32mm, Hepa Cable with Plug, FM400 Pad 17 430mm RED, FM400 Pad 17 430mm BLUE, FM400 Pad 17 430mmYELLOW, FM400 Pad 17 430mm GREEN, Drive Pad, VP300 Power Cable, Hard Floor Nozzle VP300 Hepa/Eco, GWD350 Filter Bag Maxi, GU305 – 355 – 455 Strechable hose, Loe Speed Pad Driver, Holder Tube

Part Number

NLF-0118130500, NLF-10001939, NLF-10001940, NLF-10001941, NLF-10002336, NLF-10002337, NLF-10002338, NLF-10002339, NLF-10104A, NLF-107402677, NLF-107407051, NLF-11315A, NLF-12003802, NLF-1406643580, NLF-1408244500, NLF-1408246040, NLF-14084925020, NLF-1470146500, NLF-1470851500, NLF-147090500, NLF-1470905510, NLF-1470930510, NLF-1470935500, NLF-1470950500, NLF-1471062500, NLF-56265114, NLF-63240, NLF107413080, NLF1470746010


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