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Hextio Air Purifier


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The Hextio brings consumers the highest certified clean air technology in the world, Viruskiller™, in a small and affordable package. The days when dust was the biggest problem in our indoor air quality are long gone. Nowadays, problems are bigger, particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The market needs more than a box with fan and filters. It needs cutting edge technology.

core technology

Hextio is based on the patented Viruskiller™ technology, the highest certified clean air technology to date. It uses UV-C Radiation and TiO2 (titanium dioxide) photocatalytic surface to create the world’s most powerful oxidants, hydroxyl radicals. This reactor chamber works at the molecular level, neutralising (not trying to catch) particles, even nano sized particles.

Sterilisation amplified x10

The patented Hextio chamber utilises ultimate reflection and refraction to amplify the power of the UV lamp by 10 times. Even though Hextio is small in size, it is big in capability. With a 99.9999% kill rate on respiratory viruses in a single air exchange, Hextio is designed to keep you safe.

It’s the inside that counts!

Traditional air purifiers use HEPA filters and are effective at catching coarse particles such as pollen, dust and smoke. Nanoparticles, including viruses, are the most dangerous type of air pollution because they can reach the deepest parts of the lung and be transferred into the bloodstream. These are too small to be caught in HEPA filters and must be destroyed. Hextio uses the world’s most advanced photo-catalytic oxidation reactor chamber to destroy nano particles before they can do you harm.

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