SaniGuard Total Release Foggers


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SaniGuard Total Release Foggers are world’s first, and only dry on contact sanitiser and deodoriser; killing germs and stagnant odours simultaneously.

 The foggers come in two handy sizes: 90ml and 240ml.

The 90ml Fogger treats rooms up to 155 sq. ft and the 240ml Fogger treats rooms up to 625 sq. ft in size.

 The 90ml Total Release Foggers are handy for small rooms and vehicles, while the 240ml Foggers are useful for large areas.

 SaniGuard Total Release Foggers are simple to use: simply place in the area you wish to sanitise, click the button and release the contents. This disinfects every surface within the room or vehicle, whilst leaving behind a pleasing citrus scent.

 Best of all, SaniGuard dries on contact meaning you don’t have to wipe down any surfaces after using the total release foggers, allowing you to carry on knowing your room or vehicle is a clean germ free environment that smells citrus fresh.

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90ml, 240ml

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SAN-55001, SAN-55002

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