The Daily Telegraph have reported today, over 10,000 patients in UK hospitals caught COVID-19, whilst being treated for another illness. One NHS Trust recorded almost four in every 10 infections were picked up on its wards. 

Shocking new figures show Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said 139 COVID-19 patients, caught the virus after being admitted to their hospital. That’s almost half of their patients.


No justification

Areas across the country saw huge surges in COVID cases earlier in the year, with even bigger spikes throughout September. The data collected by The Daily Telegraph has been captured between August and November.

Since August 1, more than 16% of patients treated for the deadly virus were found to have caught it in hospital.

Earlier this week, a further 16,500 new cases were recorded. The overall death toll in the UK from COVID-19 now stands at 62,556, while other countries appear to be rid of the disease. We have to ask – what is going so wrong?


MP’s express their shock

Politicians have been found to express their shock – and fear – at the figures shown in the report by The Daily Telegraph.

Jeremy Hunt – Health and Social Care Select Committee Chair – said: “We were too late in introducing weekly testing for NHS staff.

But – now we have, there isn’t any justification for this level of hospital infection. We need to see urgent action to amend this.”

The shocking finds are bound to raise fears surrounding the methods in place which are supposed to protect patients – let alone whether the health service will ever truly be able to protect us.


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