Throughout the global Coronavirus pandemic, it’s become more important than ever to ensure surfaces, floors and equipment throughout care homes are thoroughly cleaned to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

As a leading supplier of infection control, we assess the major impact COVID-19 has had on cleaning and disinfection. Hand and personal hygiene, without a doubt, have been at the forefront of all guidance, but what about surfaces, hard floors and equipment?


How important is it to deep-clean floors?

As the UK edged towards the second national lockdown, care homes began to demand more floor cleaning solutions which could remove viruses from floors. Although floor cleaning has always been a regular check-point, it became apparent how the virus could be transmitted via hard floors.

A combination of cleaning chemicals, machines and housekeeping consumables has been found to eliminate pathogens from floors. Switching from manual mopping to scrubber dryers with a quality cleaning detergent, ensures a deep, quick and thorough clean.

Sanitation has become increasingly important, and that must include the floorspace throughout areas with people at a high-risk of developing the virus. Floors throughout these spaces tend to be porous, and so are more susceptible to bacteria and absorbing permanent dirt.


Sanitise, disinfect and control

Infection control measures must now be maximised, as we continue into winter and approach the New Year. Although the UK is set to soon end lockdown 2, there are fears it could be extended. Or, stricter measures put in place before a vaccine is released.

Virus transmissions is reduced with the use of more disposable, or recyclable solutions such as:

  • Hand and surface wipes
  • Mops
  • Surface cloths
  • Dissolv-a-way laundry bags

Customers, families, staff and suppliers will also feel more confident if hygiene levels are increased across the board.

Infection Prevention Control have recently published guidance on deep cleaning in care homes. Designed to breakdown new guidance from the Government and cleaning best-practice, they share the new colour coded scheme for cleaning.

Download a copy of the guidance here.

Sanitisation, decontamination and infection control measures should be quick and effective. Choosing the right chemicals, equipment and method of decontamination will enable care teams to cover a larger area less time. This will then provide more time to continue providing the quality care needed for so many residents.


Let us help you

It is imperative for all care homes to protect vulnerable residents, staff and their families in preventing outbreaks by putting effective infection control measures, equipment and products in place.

Cura Products have an extensive range of solutions available, from cleaning chemicals and equipment to laundry equipment and waste disposal sacks.

We aim to ensure all care settings have access to much needed equipment and consumables, at the lowest-cost possible.

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