With regular updates in COVID-19 restrictions, lockdown 2.0 and what we can or can’t do; we wanted to make a simple guide on how to keep your staff safe throughout. Why? One thing we’ve noticed about the new guidance, is that it doesn’t clearly specify how we can keep one another safe while we’re working – assuming, your staff members can’t work from home.


Keeping your distance

We’re still sticking to social distancing measures, and although we’re clear to continue working from the office if working at home isn’t an option, we must continue to stand (or sit) apart. Whether you work in an office, a warehouse or on a construction site, it’s important to coordinate tasks to prevent any crossover with colleagues.

Marking sections with tape or stickers is one way to ensure everyone knows where the 2m limit is; or using perspex shields between desks enables staff to see one another, without being in too close contact.


Plan ahead of time

Just as supermarkets are restricting how many people can be in the shop at one time, and have created a one way in / one way out system; businesses should do the same. Planning ahead of time can ensure too many people aren’t clocking in for their shift at any one time, or creating set teams to prevent a large number of people coming into contact with one another.

You must also plan for enough time between shifts to clean workstations, equipment and common spaces. This way, the next shift (or even the next day), everyone can make a safe start.


Ensure hygiene is the top priority

We’re all used to using hand sanitiser by now and washing our hands regularly, but it is still important to keep all areas as sterile as possible. Creating sanitise stations and a strict cleaning schedule will ensure all workplaces are as hygienic as possible.

Don’t forget the importance of face masks or visors, handy pocket-sized sanitisers, disposable paper towels and even aprons where necessary.


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