One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature. As new variants continue to develop and spread, it is important to continue testing visitors, colleagues, care home residents and yourself for a high temperature. 

Of course, there are more symptoms to COVID-19, but monitoring your temperature can mean you have a better idea if you should complete a Coronavirus test.

With a wide range of thermometers available, we’re breaking down the variations and how best to use them.


Digital thermometers

Known to be one of the fastest and more accurate type of thermometers, digital versions have been heavily used as they are simple to use – and to sanitise. Placing the device under a tongue or armpit, a digital reading is displayed accurately.

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Non-contact thermometer

This style is a preferred method for many workplaces, care homes and hospitals. Using infrared technology, temperature is taken by holding the thermometer to the forehead.

It is fast and convenient and allows you to check your health and for signs of the virus in seconds.

The thermometer remembers the last 32 measurements, making it simple to track and record individual temperatures.

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Original thermometer

Of course, the original thermometer is still an option – however, they are not as hygienic, or as accurate.

If you’re aiming to monitor the temperature of a number of people, this wouldn’t be the wisest option. They often only measure the temperatures of skin, not of the basal body temperature.


What counts as a high temperature?

First of all, you need to understand how to accurately measure an individuals temperature. Different thermometers have different instructions, so you must always take a look at these in order to gauge an accurate reading.

Regularly checking an individuals temperature is ideal in capturing an accurate reading. The conditions for checking a temperature should be the same each time, such as wearing the same clothes, having eaten or drunk recently and monitoring indoor/outdoor temperatures.

Everybody has a different body temperature, which changes throughout the day. A temperature of 38C or above is usually considered high, and verging on a fever.

If you think you have a high temperature, or other COVID-19 symptoms, you must self-isolate and carry out a COVID-19 test.


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