We are pleased to announce that your supplier of cleaning & hygiene products, Cura Products, will be owned by Nexon Group from July 1st. Like Cura, Nexon are a family […]
First aid
One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature. As new variants continue to develop and spread, it is important to continue testing visitors, colleagues, care home residents […]
Nurses call for improved PPE
As new variants of COVID-19 continue to emerge, nurses are calling for a higher grade of PPE. Being on the front-line, the Royal College of Nursing is warning the current […]
UK death toll reaches 100,000 from COVID-19
On January 26, the UK’s Prime Minister made the grim announcement that over 100,000 people had died as a result of Coronavirus. With the end still not in sight, the […]
Care home
Although care homes are now allowing visitors to residents, many are reportedly advising against Christmas trees and festive decorations. Care home bosses are now also seeking additional funding in the […]
Profiling beds
The Daily Telegraph have reported today, over 10,000 patients in UK hospitals caught COVID-19, whilst being treated for another illness. One NHS Trust recorded almost four in every 10 infections […]
It was announced yesterday, a new COVID strain has been found and is growing quickly in some parts of England. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said at least 60-different local authorities […]
The new Coronavirus vaccine will be ‘ready to go’ in care homes within the next 2-weeks, says the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.    Having approved the way doses […]
Care home
Fear is rising within care and nursing homes in the UK, as health inspectors have been found visiting homes without being tested.    Moving between care homes which have high […]
Keeping care homes clean
Throughout the global Coronavirus pandemic, it’s become more important than ever to ensure surfaces, floors and equipment throughout care homes are thoroughly cleaned to reduce the risk of virus transmission. […]