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We are dedicated to helping you improve on infection control measures

We are not only dedicated to infection control, but we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the resources to not only comply, but to excel, in the prevention and control of bacteria and infections.

Our extensive range of products ensure businesses can simply, consistently and effectively tackle infection control.

We recognise the need for businesses to implement quality health and safety measures, and aim to make things that bit easier.

A leading supplier of medical, nursing, hygiene and equipment supplies, we work with care home groups, trusts, educational facilities and commercial businesses. We are committed to providing competitive pricing, quality products and offering a personalised service.

Combating infections in the workplace and care facilities, fighting against superbugs such as COVID-19 and ensuring the safety of pupils throughout educational facilities has become more of a need than ever before. Therefore, we make it a priority to review our product range and adapt to the changing needs of health and hygiene on a regular basis.

Our experienced team are on hand to offer impartial advice about any of our products. If you have a specific requirement, or would like to open an account with special pricing for your business, please get in touch with us today.

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