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Why Cura Products Ltd for Infection Control?

A unique turnkey solution for infection control for the healthcare industry is the purpose of Cura Products.  We especially aim to help care homes.

We recognize the growing instances of HCAI’s appearing in care-homes and the effect they have on residents and staff.  Costs incurred to owners and care home operators are reduced by defeat of infections in their early stages, so we provide the materials to achieve this.

“Dedicated to Infection Control” is therefore what we are.

Combating Infections.  Infection Control and the fight against superbugs such as MRSA has become a titanic struggle between the best medical practices and products and the ever adapting ever changing nature of microbes.

In February 2013, the department of Health and the Health Protection Agency issued best practice guidance on infections prevention & control in care homes.  The document sets out the Chain of Infection.  This provides an overview of the processes by which a resident gets any type of infection.  The way organisms are transferred is shown by each link’s characteristics.  Breaking the link or cycle stops the spread of any infection.

Standard infection prevention & control measures.  A simple, consistent and effective approach to infection prevention and control is essential.  It must cover hand hygiene, the use of gloves/gowns/aprons, personal protective equipment, safe handling of sharps, waste & soiled linen and environmental cleaning.  It is also important to minimize contact with blood and body fluids.  Having safe working practices, protective barriers and a safe work place are all methods of doing this.

We aim to provide the resources to not only comply, but to excel, in the prevention and control of infections.

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